Did you know saving just $10,000 annually on your credit card processing fees will amount to over $873,000 at retirement when invested at historical stock market returns? We GUARANTEE to save you money or we pay the difference!
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We provide the "lowest" rates and an integrated online payment page for FREE! What do you get from your current credit card processor other than a deduction of fees? Nothing!
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    Lowest Credit Card Rates Guaranteed

    We GUARANTEE to provide you lower rates or we pay the difference. We bet you have never heard that before.

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    Website Payment Integration

    Custom, professional, proprietary integrated payment page so that your patients can pay their balance 24/7/365. No link outs to "unprofessional" external payment forms. Easily collect advanced payments for large cases.

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    Custom Patient Payment Plans

    We provide a convenient, automated method to set up payment plans for customers.

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    Advanced terminals with contactless options makes it easy to keep you and your patients safe and at a distance.

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    One login and all the reporting you need. We reduce time spent reconciling multiple systems.

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    Immediate Funding

    You produced it, you deserve it now. Get your money within 24 hours. No Delay!

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    Our business partners are treated with respect, patience, and honesty as we put your interests first.

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    How do we know we are doing things right? Our partners stay with us and refer us to their colleagues.

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    Superior Support

    US Based Customer Support Staff available 24/7/365. We don't just address support issues, we work to prevent them.

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    A Dental & Medical Only Partner

    We don't lump you in with internet companies and restaurants. We only work with dental bringing you the "best" rates.

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