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Information Technology

Information Technology

A Stable IT Infrastructure

Do you ever wake up wondering if your email will work today? Is the network going to crash? Did we lose data? Does your patient management application scale across offices? Do you spend 15 percent to 20 percent of your time reacting to issues?

It goes without saying that minimizing outages is critical. Business-critical applications are the lifeblood of your practice and the stability of these systems will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our IT consultants come from Fortune 500 companies and have developed some of the most sophisticated Enterprise IT infrastructures. And, we have a playbook where we can replicate these systems into your practice. Stop dealing with local IT companies who will try and sell you credit card merchant accounts, website design and other systems that are not their core competency. Practice Paradigm's systematic approach to creating a stable and secure IT infrastructure will help you sleep better at night and most importantly allow you to do what you do best during the day, practice medicine.

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