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The Mission

The first question is, how much does this cost. The one-word answer is “FREE.”

It's not complicated. Don't make it complicated. Practice Paradigm is the only comprehensive FinTech (financial technology) solution to the dental and medical industry. Simply put, we GUARANTEE to match or beat your payment processing rates, provide a completely integrated online payment portal for patients, ability to set up recurring payments, we take care of PCI compliance and non-PCI compliance fees, practice metrics reporting... all FOR FREE.

You spent the equivalent of a career in school. Do what you do best, practice medicine, provide the highest standard of care and let Practice Paradigm help you become a more efficient, data-driven practice all while saving money. We offer a no-brainer solution that does not require an MBA or multiple doctors meetings to come to the simple conclusion, "It Just Makes Sense." Don't let your fear of change or what you think you know prevent your practice from increasing profits and efficiency today.

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