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  • 3 Doctor Practice (1 Month)
  • 504 online payments made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 504 phone calls staff did not have to take
  • $275k in collections where no staff were needed to take payment
  • 5 minute average call = 2,520 minutes or 42 hours
  • What is 42 hours?
  • 42 hours your staff is distracted from providing patient care
  • An entire week of lost productivity for 1 full time employee
  • What is this over a year?
  • 500 hours or 63 days of lost productivity to something that can be automated
  • $18,000 in direct labor costs wasted
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    Unnecessary Call Volume Is Costing You Revenue

    When your team is on the phone taking calls for tasks that can be automated, there are a population of patients who receive a busy signal that will schedule with another practice. How many patients do you think you lose a day or year to a busy signal?

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    Unnecessary Call Volume Is A Resource Conflict To Patient Care

    Did you ever need that head-holder for a GA but you are short staff due to administrative work?

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    Unnecessary Call Volume Is Wasted Overhead

    Are you running a call center or a medical practice? The average practice spends over $20,000 annually answering the phone to "take" payments. We automate this for you.

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    Missed Surgical Appointments And No Method To Charge A Card On File

    Our solution allows for patients to securely place a card on file to recoup lost chair time due to last minute canceled appointments. You know the value of your chair time and so do we. Remember, a missed appointment costs you more than just the fee charged for the procedure, you are paying staff to sit around.

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    Multitasking Communication

    You can only talk to one patient at a time on the phone. Our integrated and proprietary two-way text solution allows your patient care coordinators to talk to multiple patients at once and keep your phone lines open.

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